Benifits For Retailers

The BrandKenekt Platform makes it easy for Retailers to manage their Facebook content.


Fresh Social Content

Creating great Facebook content is a pain! Let your brands do the work and provide you with beautiful, fresh content.


Easy to Post

When a brand creates a new post you are notified and can post to your Facebook page with a click of a button. No downloading, uploading, or editing required. Easy.


Increase Sales

Great digital content for the products you carry leads to higher customer engagement and increased sales.


Easily find, manage, and publish compelling social content

You can browse content shared with you by Brands and choose what and when to post it to your Facebook page.


Designed for busy retailers

You’re busy running your business so managing your Facebook page sometimes takes a backseat to everything else.


Brand created content made your own.

Let your brands focus on content creation so you can focus on running your retail business.

High quality digital content will drive higher customer engagement which equals more sales.

And it’s all FREE. Join today to start working with brands in your market.

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