About Us

BrandKenekt is a social media application that allows brands to post content to all of their brand partners (retailers) Facebook and Instagram accounts through a single action. We developed the software out of frustration as a small specialty retailer. We struggled to keep up with all of the content that our brands made available to us and felt overwhelmed with the number of promotions that our brands were running. We knew that most our brands produced high quality content but we did not have easy access to the content. Before we developed the BrandKenekt application, brands would email us different promotions or content but we would have to modify that content to either send it out via email or post it on our Facebook page. Our team would also have to maintain a separate login portal for each of our brands to access their media.

Most brand retailers are independently owned and operated businesses and therefore lack the resources to focus on digital content strategies. BrandKenekt allows brands to create a Facebook post (text, image or video: basically all the styles of Facebook posts) of high quality content and publish it to their retailers (brand partners) Facebook pages. This results in dynamic, high quality content that will drive engagement and lead to more in store conversions of the brands products which equates to more sales for the brand partner (retailer). It also helps the retailers to maintain their social media accounts with great content. In one sentence: brands create the content in our application and can posts to all of their retailers pages that carry their products and the Facebook posts will come from the brand partner (retailer). Retailers can approve, schedule, or delete posts that their brands create. It really is simple.

We made our software affordable for brands of all sizes and it is free for retailers.