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BrandKenekt engages your retail partners in 3 simple steps

BrandKenekt is a retailer engagement solution that makes it easy for your retailers to share brand approved social content with their followers.


Create A Facebook Post to Share with Retailers

This is exactly like creating a post on your own Facebook page. It can be a text, image, or video post.

Retailers Are Notified, Schedule And Share

All of the retailers that you’ve authorized to access your content will be able to share the post on their Facebook pages. It will be your content but it will be posted from the retailers Facebook profile.


Track Customer Engagement

As retailers share your post on their Facebook pages you
can monitor shares, likes, and comments providing you valuable marketing insight.

Benefits For Your Retailers

BrandKenekt makes it easy for Retailers to manage their Facebook content.


Fresh Social Content

Creating great content is tough! Your retailers will thank you for providing them with beautiful, fresh content.


Easy to Post

Your retailers can post your content on their Facebook page with a click of a button.


Saves Time

Save your retailers time by making it easy for them to keep their Facebook page up to date.


Allow Retailers To Easily Find, Manage,
And Publish Your Content

Start driving unified brand messaging across your entire retail channel.


Reach More Customers

Increase program participation by providing Retailers digital content that can be easily shared with consumers.


Provide your independent retailers with the assets to market your brand.

Retailers can easily publish your brand content onto to their Facebook pages, providing consumers better insight into your brand.

Retailers that share your high quality content will drive more consumers into their stores.

Turn your independent retailers into your best brand storytellers.

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